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欢迎来到遠東紀念公園,它是俄亥俄州Twinsburg市皇冠山公墓的重要组成 分. 它把远东文化元 素完美地融合到了优美的大自然环境中,成为一个独具特色 墓地,尤其适合华人社区的最適合華人的風水寶地, 福佑子孫。

遠東紀念公園对华人社区的独特意义 —— 长久以来,华人社区一直在寻求与文化信仰和风水原则 相契合的安息之地。在附近没有其他专门服务华人社区的墓地的情况下,遠東紀念公園成为一个 最好的选择。其地理位置依照风水原则选择,与社区的信仰和谐共振。美轮美奂的中式门楼,更 增添了这片集传统、文化和灵性于一体的避风港。

参天大树,修剪整齐的草坪,广阔的视野无不营造了宁静和平的氛围。对于寻求一个深深植根于 文化传统的终极安息之地的华人家庭来说,遠東紀念公園,连同其中式门楼,是绝佳的选择。在 这里,他们的亲人可以在自然与传统的和谐中找到永恒的安宁。该墓地占地面积大,交通便利,欢迎有需要的华人家庭垂询。

Step into the Far East Memorial Garden, an integral haven within the vast expanse of the Crown Hill Cemetery in Twinsburg, Ohio. Nestled gracefully within the serene sanctuary of Crown Hill Cemetery, this tranquil oasis serves as an unyielding homage to the vibrant heritage of the Far East. But this isn’t just any sanctuary; it’s a revered space that resonates profoundly with the Chinese community, meeting their longstanding desire for a final resting place that echoes their cultural beliefs and Feng Shui principles.

Here, amidst the lack of any other cemetery dedicated exclusively to the Chinese community in the vicinity, the Far East Memorial Garden shines as a one-of-a-kind treasure. Meticulously selected according to Feng Shui tenets, its location harmonizes seamlessly with the community’s spiritual values. And now, crowned by a magnificent Chinese-style gateway, the allure of this sanctuary is taken to astonishing new heights. But this is more than just a mere resting place. It’s a place where tradition dances with culture, and spirituality intertwines with nature. The landscape, meticulously crafted, embraces mature trees and meticulously groomed lawns, setting the stage for a serene and contemplative atmosphere that invites introspection.

For Chinese families in search of the quintessential homage to their cultural legacy, the Far East Memorial Garden, with its ornate Chinese-style gateway, stands as the definitive choice. It's a haven where their loved ones will find eternal serenity, embraced by the symphony of nature and tradition. Embark on this journey and let the Far East Memorial Garden be the legacy of stories, memories, and culture that endures through the ages.

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